A Market Like No Other – Chowrasta Market Penang

andA Market Like No Other – Chowrasta Market Penang

The iconic Chowrasta Market Penang is made up of the lively community of people who made this a major tourist attraction and a favored landmark pit stop for visitors.

The century-old wet market’s pattern of colors and culture emerges from a vibrant mosaic of accents, language and people that sets this as the blueprint of a great Penang market.

Since the 1880s, the entire market is dominated by the Tamil community. The Tamils trade spices along Lebuh Tamil. Fresh fish is the main attraction in the market. This is where fowls and meat stalls jostle for space with fruits, vegetables, flowers, and titbits. The on-going market activity spills onto Jalan Chowrasta Road and  Jalan Kuala Kangsar which runs parallel to Jalan Penang.

The project originated from a proposal to upgrade the old gritty market by reconfiguring the fragmented and underutilized spaces within the building.

“A city is more than a place in space; it is a drama in time” – Patrick Geddes

A Market Like No Other - Chowrasta Market Penang
The street stalls and little shops in Chowrasta Market are worth a visit in the afternoons.

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