What Content Writer is Not and Why You Shouldn’t Ask for Freebies…

What a Content Writer is Not and Why You Shouldn’t Ask for Freebies…

Content writing and creativity takes time – A content writer payment is essential. It’s a fact. Otherwise, I’ll be a walrus on a deck chair basking in the sun.


Here is a very short list of what doesn’t spark joy for me as a content writer.

Although some non-creative offers I have received for barter (this means to exchange freely and willingly) do continue to amuse me.

Writing content in exchange for food

Excuse me; I may not like your food. How many get this (all the time?) instead of content writer payment Malaysia is famous for bartering with food.

Last I checked my water, electricity, and Telco operators still insist on payment in MYR.

I tried, but they refuse to accept last’s night leftover food from your restaurant.

So, that doesn’t work. Neither does free coffee.

Writing content in exchange for your services in kind

So you wanted to do er… what?

Perform an SEO check on my website?

Er…, a grammar check my stories in exchange for several written features and backlinks?

Urm… I think better not since grammatically you think I fail and still, you want to… this is contradicting and I just cannot understand where you’re coming from…

My bad.

Practice content writing for your restaurant/café/shop

Yes, I so understand.

Your aunty, mother, the grandmother is just starting this new restaurant and you’re strapped for marketing juice and want me to help.

I’m so stoked to be given this opportunity to practice writing in English.

So honored really, I have to pass.

Help check your written content, post, advertising copy, or coffee-table book because my English is SO good?

That is called editorial services.

Please define help.

Oh, come up with ideas, headings and some rewriting the body and you need an intro and closing also.

I hear from you. I feel for you.

So I hear it is your national Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Have everything ready in 7 working days you say?

So sorry, it’s your CSR, not mine.

How Do Marketing Agencies Get Paid?

My question exactly.

Last I heard, marketing agencies and advertising agencies charge by the hour. There are fixed hourly price and you keep track of this diligently to pay your staff.

Of course, you bill your Clients after the work has been completed.

I love agencies, don’t get me wrong.

So, guys if you want to hire me, please do. Otherwise, spamming is not nice.

But you charge money. My so and so can do it for free…


I completely agree with you.

Please go ahead.

No worries.

No hard feelings guys, you have to eat, pay rent. etc.

Me too.


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