Promoting women’s equality and rights

Promoting women’s equality and rights

Building a company with a strong female workforce is what makes Eco World Development Group Bhd (EcoWorld) a great equal opportunity company work in.

In celebrating International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8, EcoWorld continues its second installment of the EcoWorld Women’s Summit; a series of engagement workshops by EcoWorld for it’s Professional Women’s Network (PWN) launched last year.

This year’s theme, ‘Women 360°’ recognizes a woman’s ability to manage different roles, juggling her career and roles as daughters, wives, and mothers.

The summit’s speakers include successful women from different walks of life.

These successful women are corporate leaders or champions of arts and culture.

The women shared their personal inspiring journeys to empower EcoWorld’s female employees to help them realize their full potential.

EcoWorld’s director Noor Farida Ariffin said that the summit was to help to promote women’s equality, women’s right and equal opportunity.

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