What is Doris Lim Writes?

Doris Lim Writes is an inspiring community for women to help you improve all aspects of your life. We provide you with daily snippets, motivation, practical advice, and helpful resources to help you get going to make little changes for you to realize your full potential.

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Who is Doris Lim?

Doris Lim is a Malaysian content writer,  travel writer, female solo travel blogger and journalist based in Penang. Her stories are published in print & digital media and in-flight and travel magazines.

Doris writes community stories, arts, hotels, restaurant reviews, and corporates. She has worked in collaboration with tourism boards, hotels, online travel agencies, and social media and internet marketing.

Doris has a well-versed background in architecture, design, and project management. She retired from a successful career in architecture to pursue her passion to write full time in 2017.

A people person, Doris’s lively and light-hearted demeanor makes her approachable and easy to talk to.

You can contact her for content and copywriting for travel, lifestyle, the arts, and corporate.

Doris Lim Writes Sister Blogs

Doris Lim discovered blogging and started three blogs in 2012.

Penang Girl Poor Lass She Can’t Cycle 

A Curried Life

Dream Book Fat Prose

Smart Dory

In 2015, Smart Dory was born with a growing following on Facebook and Instagram.

Doris Lim gains popularity as a lifestyle and travel writer. They featured the effervescent and exuberant Doris as a “Tasty Blogger” on online women’s travel platform Let’s Go, Wonders.

Travel Stylus

Travel Stylus is a blog about Malaysia written by a Malaysian.

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society, with many ethnic groups in Malaysia, maintaining separate cultural identities.

The blog aims to share Malaysia’s beauty, culture, and food to the rest of the world.

Tourism Content

Available for media trips in weekday and/or only available weekends (two-week notice required).