Mighty Tulip Farm in Chiang Rai Park Thailand

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Chiang Rai is famous for cool weather with the perfect climate for the pride of the Netherlands to bloom. The elevated terrain mountains are surrounded by hills, valleys, serene rivers, lakes, and green fields.

Chiang Rai city offers little diversity when it comes to nightlife. Without night entertainment and shopping malls, the charms of Chiang Rai lie in her floral festivals.

Smaller and quieter, the floral festival on the 4.5 acre grounds  a large variety of flowers. I saw petunias, lilies and the ageratum known as the Blue Hawaii. It is the tulips that steal the show. These blooms are colourful and showy in a riot colours. Orange, yellow, pink, red and magenta. This tulip farm is heady sight to behold.

The annual cool temperatures in Chiang Rai are the best time to visit Thailand.

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