Hội An – Beneath the Moonlight

Hội An – Beneath the Moonlight

Built in the 16th and 17th centuries, Hội An Ancient Town is the only town in Vietnam to survive the American War unscathed. I visited during winter when it wet and cold and the temperature dipped below 18C. The beautiful serene riverside setting was misty and surreal in the early hours of dawn.

It was too cold for a morning swim in the hotel’s pool so I walked in the drizzle towards the Cho Hoi An central market. The original river and seacoast setting have its buildings intact and well-preserved. In the old days, the trading port was the busiest in Southern Vietnam.

In the afternoon, the temperature rose to 25C. The “Mellow Yellow” lime washed walls appear a little too bold and sunny at first. The natural sunlight turned the yellow buildings to sparkle like bright gold. Hội An seems perpetually wrapped in sunshine.

I remember my trip to Hanoi and realized what a difference Hội An Ancient Town looked like in comparison.


Hội An - Beneath the Moonlight
Hội An glows at night with beautiful lanterns. Look out for temples to visit!


Hội An - Riverside and a meal of Cao lầu
Hội An – Riverside and a meal of Cao lầu

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