Valley of Tea – Gaharu Tea Valley

Valley of Tea – Gaharu Tea Valley

I lost my lethargicness and felt lighter the moment we entered the Valley of Tea – Gaharu Tea Valley, an Agarwood plantation just outside Gopeng, Perak. This agro-tourism destination is one of the best green lungs in Malaysia to experience the immediate effect of the negative ion-rich oxygen. It has a soothing relaxing effect on my body.

The locally grown Gaharu is actually Agarwood, the most expensive wood in the world!

Agarwood is highly prized for its distinctive exotic fragrance found in the dark resin embedded in the heartwood. Western perfumers in many cultures value the essential oil called “oud” or “oudh”. The highest grade of Agarwood oil fetches higher prices than gold.

Its high commercial value and popularity in Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures made the Agarwood rare and endangered in the wild.

Valley of Tea - Gaharu Tea Valley
The views and fresh air at the Valley of Tea is invigorating.

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