Evening Repast in Penang

Evening Repast in Penang

A food trip to Penang is one of the most coveted for all travelers.

A culinary adventure that set Penang apart from the rest is her street food which has the legacy of a rich mix of assimilation of cultures that transcend its origin resulting in a unique array that is truly Malaysian.

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A Roadmap to Eating

Visitors from other states dream, drool and are armed to the teeth with a closely guarded roadmap to maximize their eating hours literally.

A sure-fire cure for food fatigue caused by eating plain insipid food is to get ready for an inexpensive gastronomy treat. You only need to start your journey early to pack in as much eating as possible in a single trip.

But the real action starts when the sun dips over the horizon as Penangites power up for a Hochiak Supper that literally lasts until daybreak!

Let’s start this 12-hour eating adventure and go where the locals hangout.

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