SYIOK Sendiri 3 The Turd Chapter! penangpac

An excerpt from blogpost on SmartDory…


Third in the series of rib tickling and guffaw eliciting comedy that serves up a huge slice of all things Malaysia and Malaysian; when the “peasants” (as the audience is called) are in the thick of all things LGBT.  Laughter is the only option.

Whether you titter nervously and grip on your seats or just smiling widely, all the anxieties of stress is encountered in the first skit. The dialogue is raunchy at best and the simple props are household essentials like a bar of soap or a giganteus cucumber hidden beneath a pillow.

All Malaysians know that this is not a cooking class for that classic Penang Rojak with a generous dash of belacan powder per se.


There’s really no use fighting the performing arts. Yelling helps enormously as evident in the frustration shown by the three angry lesbians who dug deep into a huge tub of chocolate ice cream feverishly to continue with more yelling.

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