Heavenly Peace – Serene Taiping in Perak

Heavenly Peace – Serene Taiping in Perak

Taiping in Perak is one of those small towns where city folks think, “You better bring an umbrella if you don’t want to be soaked or hungry. Shops close early and everyone goes to bed by 9 pm.”

Incredibly, I chose to travel when heat wave peaks in July with a scorching sun and noon temperatures of 33C. It makes walking around in the afternoons a little uncomfortable.

Rainy Taiping

At least I wasn’t trudging in the rains, soaking wet or worst still, hungry!

Reputed to be a rain-drenched town with lush greenery, it is peaceful and serene here. The locals apart from playing rain forecasts appear nonchalant as they go about their daily lives. I tried to engage a few senior Taipingites to play rain forecasts with me.

Here’s the link to FireFlyz for the story.

Heavenly Peace - Serene Taiping in Perak
Serene beautiful Taiping has mural art on the walls of its colonial buildings, lots of street food and rain!

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