My Heart Is Fragile – Please Handle Me With Care

My Heart Is Fragile – Please Handle Me With Care

Dear Future Lover, I must let you know that my heart is fragile.
If I trust you, will you handle me with care?
I’ve had my Heartbroken so many times – I have completely lost track.
I’ve cried an ocean of tears. Drowned in my tears and now live in the sea.
You know the poetry I love but refuse to share?

I write poetry when I fall in love.

Endless poetries in longhand with a calligraphy pen is invisible prose. I drank the ink – now you know why I’m not too fond of squid ink pasta or any black food.
I’ve drunk my tears.

They drip into the noodle soup that MG I bought for me.

MG kept asking.
I could only say, “The noodles aren’t salty. The cook forgot to put salt on it. I can’t eat it – too bland.”

My Heart Is Fragile - Please Handle Me With Care
Be open. Be impatient. Be hopeful.

My Heart Is Fragile – I live under the sea.

Dear Future Lover, I am a paradox.
Once I dreamed that I live in the sea.
If you know me and really know me. You will see it.

Mermaids who survive the danger of the ocean can still be defeated by their own Heart.

My Heart Is Fragile - Please Handle Me With Care
Their own HEART can still defeat mermaids who survive the dangers of the ocean.

My Heart Is Fragile – I’m rebuilding my heart.

Dear Future Lover, My heart is fragile.
There is no logical explanation.
My heart is fragile.
Everything I do runs contrary to my expectation – your expectation of me.
There is no valid reason for true happiness.
You ask why I am happy.
“You are content.”
“Yes, I am.”
“Of course.”
I know these leads to a seemingly self-contradictory or a logically unacceptable conclusion.
Future lover, please handle me with care.
As ironic as it may sound – I am strong.
Yet, I am fragile.
I am sad, but when I am with you – I am happy.

I am a realist.

My Heart Is Fragile – I had my heart broken before.

Dear Future Lover, I still trust.
I thought I never would.
It is easier to be incapable of trusting my heart to anybody.
You know how that works – I have trust issues.

I have been repeatedly lied to. Cheated on and deceived.

My future lover, I tell you this. I am fine now.
I had my heart shattered into pieces before, too many times.

But don’t worry, I have stitched the pieces back together so well – you can barely see the marks and cracks from the previous tragedies.

My Heart Is Fragile - Please Handle Me With Care
Dear Future Lover of Mine, My heart is FRAGILE.

My Heart Is Fragile – Glued like torn Love Letters.

It’s like the love letters that I glued together, no longer legible.
It doesn’t matter. I know the words by rote.
I remember every word.
Every smile.
The easy laughter.
Future lover of mine, this may all seem overwhelming to you.
I know.

Most people expected me to break down completely after all of this.

But I didn’t. I have grown a more robust and wiser version of myself.
I build a sturdier and more concrete version of me.
The happier version.

I am my own upgrade. I am the content, happier version with a healed heart.

I want to tell you that My Heart Is Fragile in the meantime.

Dear Future Lover, please learn to handle me with care.
One day when we can travel through space and time, I will get to meet you.
I won’t need you to complete me; I am already whole.

I come with God’s lifetime warranty.

My Heart Is Fragile - Please Handle Me With Care
We go together like peanut butter and jelly. We’re better together.

My Heart Is Fragile – Be Brave to love me.

Dear Future Lover, please be brave enough to receive my love and love me.
My previous lovers were discouraged after hearing all of the battles and tragedies that I have fought and survived.
Most of them promised but failed to love me completely.
I take a long time to unfold the rest of myself.

Please be patient with me.

My Heart Is Fragile – it was full of baggage.

I used to carry a lot of baggage.
I have decluttered.
Once I took to decluttering, everything fell into place after that spring cleaning.
I should have emphasized this from the very beginning –

I am not to be handled by the faint-hearted.

My Heart Is Fragile – I overcompensate with confidence—false Bravado.

I need a confident man.
Dear Future Lover, I am an independent, confident woman.

After years of being single, I have mastered the art of being alone.

I may not ask for your help (most of the time).
I don’t seem to listen to anyone.
I may appear to know it all.
I was hoping you wouldn’t assume that I always do even when I appear to be able to handle things.
Or when you think I don’t need anyone.
I could be swimming in the wrong direction as I always do.
I swim against the current.
I swim upstream.
I get lost.
I fumble.
I run away a little when you love me a lot.
I am silly this way.

I will always come back. I never leave you.

My Heart Is Fragile - Please Handle Me With Care
Please handle me with care. My heart is very FRAGILE.

My Heart Is Fragile – Please support me.

Please support me at times when it seems as if I don’t need anybody.
You will find that I may not ask for your help.
If I do, it will be quickly and in half jest.
I will ask, and while you think, I would have gone out to do what is necessary and return to tell you I have done well gleefully.
I will show off a little – only to get your approval of what I can do.
I will show off a lot – it depends.

When I compliment myself all the time, it means I never received any before.

It doesn’t mean I’m boasting.
I’m insecure.
I need you to cheer me on.
Please don’t assume that I can deal with everything quickly on my own.

Don’t assume that you’re not needed.

My Heart Is Fragile – I need your support.

I will not ask it.
Instead, please show your support.
Be there, even when I’m not asking you to be there.
Make your presence known.
I secretly want you to be there.

Always, always and forever.

My Heart Is Fragile – You give me butterflies.

Dear Future Lover,
I don’t want to show it too much. I don’t want to show it at all.
I never want to appear desperate or clingy.
But you make my heart flutter.
You stump me.
I was always quick. I know all the answers.
With you, I don’t.
And now, I think it’s okay not to know everything.

I want you to teach me things I don’t know.
I want us to do everything together.

My Heart Is Fragile - Please Handle Me With Care
Never give up on hope. We can fall in love together.

My Heart Is Fragile – Choose me over others.

Dear Future Lover, please show me how it feels to be chosen by you.
All the people from my past have failed to choose me over others.
I have always been their second choice, their last resort, their other woman, their almost, their what-if.
I need to know what it feels to be someone’s priority.
I need to know what it is like to hear the words:

“I will always choose you.”

I’m the little red flower in the garden of blooms.
I hope you see me.
I may say to you, “So, choose another.”
Secretly, I want you to forsake all others and choose me.

My Heart Is Fragile – Don’t let go.

Dear Future Lover,
Please hold me tight, so I’ll know what it feels like when someone finds it hard to let go of me.
I want you to be scared to lose me.
I want you to fear the idea of me leaving.
I don’t want to be the woman you can live with.

I want to be the woman you can not live without.

My Heart Is Fragile - Please Handle Me With Care
I love you to the MOON and back. Yes, I do.

My Heart Is Fragile – Love me unconditionally.

Lastly, my Dear Future Lover, please love me in a way that I deserve.
Please make me feel the love that I am always willing to give.
Show me how it feels to be loved unconditionally. Show me hope.

Choose me.

I promise to love no one else but you.


Definition of a Fragile Heart 


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