Probably Tomfoolery Bedtime Story Viral Video Touch Hearts

Probably Tomfoolery Bedtime Story Viral Video Touch Hearts

Probably Tomfoolery’s bedtime story, the Covid-19 fairy tale video, “The Great Realisation” – is the “medicine” that the world needs to make a difference in our lives.

Many people, including celebrities around the world, are touched by Tomos Roberts’ modern-day poem.

The poem’s heart-warming message came at a time as a much-needed balm to a world coping with fear in the face of a pandemic.

Americans are gripped by Covid-19 anxiety.

Health professionals and psychologists have noted an increase in the levels of fear as coronavirus spreads.

Throughout the world, families are locked in and lived in fear of contact with others.

Probably Tomfoolery Bedtime Story Viral Video Touch Hearts
We look to the day when we can go out together as a family.

Why does Probably Tomfoolery’s bedtime story work?

We all love fairy tales as children and even now, more so as adults.

Probably the Tomfoolery bedtime story is a fairy tale with a difference.

When we recall, bedtime stories are proven to help both parents and children quieten down to prepare for sleep and rest.

The bond fostered between parents and children is what keeps the family together.

  • lowers the kids’ stress levels
  • reinforce their literacy skills,
  • improves their mastery of language, and
  • gives the children HOPE
“The Great Realisation” by Probably Tomfoolery’s Tomos Roberts. Photo:

All of us need to hear the good news and a good bedtime story.

Today I was speaking to a friend who lamented that due to the Covid-19 lockdown, he cannot go about his business and has lost his passion.

The lockdown is hard.

He can’t do so many things.

He tells me that he is going mad if the lockdown doesn’t end soon.

He was expecting empathy, feeling as he is, very sorry for his lot.

That is not being able to run his restaurant and cook.

I wanted to tell my friend that not going about his business and losing his passion are separate things.

I wanted to tell him to watch Probably Tomfoolery’s bedtime story video.

That would be the easy way, here – watch this video.

Hope you feel better.

I told my friend that many had lost jobs during the previous recessions.

Things are hard at first, but eventually, everyone picks up the pieces and starts afresh.

The pandemic is challenging as many people lost their lives to the virus.

I thought about dying and wondered to myself – how have we lived in the first place.

Tomfoolery bedtime story “The Great Realisation.”

In the lockdown, we have turned creative.

Social media is flooded with photos of meals cooked by working mothers who used to buy ready-cooked meals.

Singles have progressed from ramen noodles to cooking full meals.

Some start baking, others start gardening and grown herbs in pots.

Everyone shares photos and selfies at home.

When we take a trip and make travel plans to feel fulfilled, we enjoy the exercise we carry in our home.

“I want the world to be better because I was here.” – Will Smith

We start clearing and cleaning out closets. Give things away.

We call each other. I must have had the most meaningful connections made during this period.

Many others feel the same way. We put on music and dance as if no one is watching.

We celebrate birthdays on Zoom and chat with our friends, and plan phone calls.

In the meantime, we realize something. At least I did.

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. I like my own company. I like my books and simple meals. And I like writing.

Probably Tomfoolery Bedtime Story Viral Video Touch Hearts
“The Great Realisation” by Probably Tomfoolery’s Tomos Roberts. Photo:

Morden Day Fairy Tale Come True

Life isn’t so hard.

My friend, well, he’s just missing out on the blessings he has.

I said, take a breather.

This is a good time to rest and plan.

A good time to stay home, live peacefully, and happily.

But he continued to cry out, “I will go mad if I can’t work.”


Continue to cook, take photographs of your food, and be active on social media.

Do something. Occupy yourself.

Maybe it’s time for me to send him a Probably Tomfoolery bedtime story video now.

Perhaps my friend needed to believe in fairy tales and himself again.

He asked me flatly, “ why do you spend so many hours a day writing – probably no one reads what you write.”

I smile.

If I can impact just one person with my words, that to me is enough.

Who is Probably Tomfoolery?

Tomos Roberts, aka Probably Tomfoolery, is a Kiwi-born Welsh poet who has captured people’s imagination worldwide with poems.

Robertson’s bedtime fairy tale, The Great Realisation, has gone viral and impacted the world positively.

Watch Probably Tomfoolery’s bedtime story – the world will be a better place after the coronavirus pandemic than before – explaining it in a feelgood form in the four-minute clip.

VIDEO / Probably Tomfoolery

What is the bedtime story you want to tell your children?

Start writing a good one now with each page from your daily life.


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